+251PG Course

+189Unedited Video


+102Welcome Reception

+51KAHBPS Invited Dinner

+48Meet the Experts

+146Opening Ceremony&Presidential Lecture

+39Living Legend Lecture


+10HBP Surgery and the Future Made Easy for Nurses, Residents, and Students


+86Update Lecture

+78Best Video

+38Joint Symposium


+7Debate Session

+203Presidential Dinner

+77Meet the Experts


+47Mini Oral

+46Update Lecture

+38Debate Session

+18Joint Symposium


+40Best Oral

+9Young Investigator Award

+30Invited Video Lecture by Legendary Surgeons

+335Gala Dinner

+121Mini Oral


+54Consensus Meeting

+39Plenary Oral

+93Closing&Awards Ceremony

+49Update Lecture

+125Poster Presentation


+20한국감담췌외과학회 16-4차 이사회

+39IHPBA A-PHPBA Leadership Meeting

+20Korea-Japan Collaborative Study

+16A-PHPBA Foundation Grant Awarding Ceremony 2019

+19A-PHPBA General Assembly


+66Coffee Break

+43Refresh Zone